Hi my name is Cougar, I am 15yrs old and a sophomore at Louisiana High school in Missouri. I love to race my dirt bike, hang out with friends, and spend time with my family.  This is my story: On February 7, 2014.....I was having fun with my friends after a local high school basketball game, we were playing in the snow and jumping into the snow banks. I jumped headfirst into the snow bank and landed on my head which caused the c5 vertebrae in my neck to break. Immediately everyone knew the seriousness of the accident. I was transported to St. Louis Children's hospital where I had to undergo 10 hours of surgery to repair my vertebrae.  On February 20th,  I had a tracheotomy done. 


For those of you that have asked about movement. Shrugs shoulders, lift elbows bend and straighten arms mostly, Bends wrists up and down and twists. Amazing! Lungs A little sketchy, diaphragm, bowels and bladder working, yet no control. No feeling or control in legs. Can feel touch on his feet and identify which foot you're touching whoohoo. So he is relearning to hold up his head, core strength to sit up, waiting on feeling to relearn to walk.

2017 Update: I'm living in Atlanta so I can go to one of the best therapy hospitals in the country. I go to therapy four times a week including a bike that stims the muscles in my legs, a treadmill that I'm suspended above with robotic legs putting me through the motions of walking, and multiple personal trainings. I have done three triathalons, and the latest tri I completed with no floatation. with the racing handcycle that I've only had for about four months, I have done multiple half marathons, 10k, ect. I will also soon be going to my first swim meet. My movement has increased significantly with me moving my abdomen and lower back, as well as movement in my triceps. I can also completely feel my legs.

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